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Read this section to learn about the Service endpoint and its features

People often have questions about how active a given service might be or how much data it currently keeps track of. While 10Centuries goes to great lengths to protect people's right to privacy, there are some bits of information we can show in aggregate form. These endpoints will help answer these questions.


  1. Checking the Current Activity Levels on 10Centuries

Checking the Current Activity Levels on 10Centuries

10Centuries has a number of different uses, from blogging to social networking, to todo lists and notes. How popular are these features, though? How many people use them? How many people have used them in the last 30 days? Are there new accounts being made? These questions can be answered with this API endpoint.

From your application, send an authenticated request to the following endpoint:

GET https://api.10centuries.org/service/current

This information can be sent URL-encoded in the POST body or as a JSON package.


curl -X GET -H "Authorization: {Authorization Token}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" "https://api.10centuries.org/service/current"

If the request was successful, the API will respond with a JSON package:

{ "meta": { "code": 200, "server": "0.100" }, "data": { "sites": { "items_total": 4981, "items_30day": 105, "accounts_total": 25, "accounts_30day": 15 }, "social": { "items_total": 50102, "items_30day": 10037, "accounts_total": 69, "accounts_30day": 54 }, "todo": { "items_total": 73, "items_30day": 73, "accounts_total": 7, "accounts_30day": 7 }, "account": { "created_total": 104, "created_30day": 28 }, "invitation": { "items_total": 175, "items_30day": 56, "accounts_total": 21, "accounts_30day": 10 } } }

If the request failed or there was some other problem, the API will respond with an error:

{ "meta": { "code": 404, "text": "Unable to Retrieve Service Status" }, "data": false }

If the meta.text key is present in this result, you must show a modal dialog or equivalent containing this message.