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Read this section to learn about the User endpoints and their features

It's not often that a person who uses 10Centuries will be called a "user" but, for the sake of this API alone, it will be done. Using an /accounts endpoint might have made more sense ... and it might just change to /accounts at some point in the future. That will be under a different API version number, though. In the meantime, this page is a placeholder for the various endpoints that exist for the /users API.


  1. Umm ...

Existing Endpoints

  1. GET /blurbs
  2. GET /followers
  3. GET /following
  4. GET /list
  5. GET /me
  6. GET /sites

  1. POST /follow
  2. POST /invite
  3. POST /meta
  4. POST /mute
  5. POST /setpass
  6. POST /silence
  7. POST /welcome
  8. POST /welcomeskip
  9. POST /write

  1. DELETE /follow
  2. DELETE /mute
  3. DELETE /myaccount
  4. DELETE /mydata
  5. DELETE /silence